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Flanges are typically made thicker than the adjoining pipe or equipment for several key reasons:

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Flanges are typically made thicker than the adjoining pipe or equipment for several key reasons:

1. Strength and Durability: Flanges need to withstand the stresses and forces imposed on them during operation, including pressure, temperature, and vibration. The increased thickness enhances the structural integrity and provides a robust connection, reducing the risk of failure.

2. Gasket Compression: Flanges rely on gaskets to create a seal between adjoining components in a piping system. The thickness of the flange enables sufficient compressive force to be applied to the gasket, ensuring proper sealing and preventing leaks.

3. Bolt Loading Distribution: Flanges are connected using bolts that apply clamping force to hold the joint securely. The increased thickness of the flange allows for a larger contact area between the flange faces, enabling better load distribution across the bolts. This helps to minimize stress concentrations and ensure a uniform distribution of forces, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the joint.

4. Flange Facing Machining: Flange faces often need to be machined to create a smooth and flat surface for gasket sealing. The additional thickness provides a margin of material to allow for proper machining and resurfacing without compromising the structural integrity of the flange.

It is essential to select the appropriate flange thickness based on design requirements, code compliance, and the specific operating conditions of the piping system. Factors such as internal pressure, external loads, temperature variations, and material properties are considered in determining the suitable thickness of the flange to ensure a safe and efficient connection in the overall pipeline system.

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