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Cast iron is a common metal material that is commonly used in the manufacture of various parts and workpieces. However, compared with other metals, cast iron has a unique characteristic - it cannot be processed and formed by forging process. This raises an important question: Why can't cast iron be forged?

First, we need to understand the properties of cast iron. Cast iron is a carbon-rich alloy, typically containing 2 to 4 percent carbon. This high carbon content makes the cast iron have high brittleness and low plasticity, which is not conducive to forming processes such as forging.

During forging, metal materials undergo high temperature heating and mechanical forces to change their shape and structure. However, due to the high carbon content of cast iron, when cast iron is heated at high temperatures, carbon will form relatively stable compounds with iron - iron carbon compounds. The formation of this compound causes the crystal structure of the cast iron to become dense and uneven, making the cast iron difficult to plastic deformation under high temperature heating.

In addition, cast iron also has a high melting point and melting range. Under high temperature conditions, cast iron needs to undergo a long time of heating to reach the appropriate plastic temperature. However, continuous high temperature heating may cause overheating and burning of the cast iron, further weakening its plastic ability.

To sum up, cast iron cannot be processed and formed by traditional forging processes due to its high carbon content, dense crystal structure, and high melting point and melting range. Instead, cast iron is usually manufactured by the casting process, in which molten cast iron is poured into a mold and solidified by cooling.

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