What are the 3 most common flange types?



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What are the 3 most common flange types?  This is a question that many clients ask. On our website, we provide detailed answers and relevant information to find the 3 most common types of flanges:

1. Weld Neck flange: This flange has a long conical outward inclined neck, which can be welded together with the pipe. It is commonly used in high pressure and high/low temperature applications and requires an unhindered flow pipe system. Induction welding flanges are easy to detect potential leaks and welding defects.

2. Blind flange: The blind flange has no center hole and can be used to close the pipe or valve to prevent the flow out. Due to the need to withstand the pressure and fastening force of the system, the blind flange must have a large mechanical strength.

3. Threaded flange: Threaded flange is connected to pipe and flange through threaded, no welding required. Threaded flanges are commonly used in low pressure and low temperature applications such as water and air services.

These are the most common types of flanges, and there are other special types of flanges available according to different application requirements. The above information is for reference only. It is recommended to refer to the relevant technical requirements and specifications when selecting the type of flange that suits your needs.
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