Pipe fitting production process



Steel plate cutting - - - - heat treatment processing groove - finished products - quality - products - packaging - storage and transportation

Steel plate cutting - - - - heat treatment processing groove - finished products - quality - products - packaging - storage and transportation

The production process of welded pipe fittings tee

Steel plate stamping - cutting - - - - - grinding side welding - heat treatment processing groove - - - - quality inspection of finished product
-- Qualified products -- packaging -- storage and transportation

Seamless pipe fittings tee production process

Re-inspection of raw materials -- cutting material -- pressing molding -- shaping -- disc head -- heat treatment -- processing groove
- Finished product inspection - Surface treatment - paint marking - data confirmation - packaging - storage and transportation

1. Process flow of high pressure elbow

Material selection - into the furnace - heat treatment - mechanical processing - finished products - security - qualified products

2. Process flow of drawing elbow

Steel pipe -- cutting -- mandrel forming -- finishing -- heat treatment -- processing groove -- finished product -- quality
Inspection -- qualified products -- packaging -- storage and transportation

3. Process flow of welding elbow

Steel pipe -- cutting -- stamping -- edge grinding -- welding -- heat treatment -- machining groove -- finished product-- Quality control -- qualified products -- packaging -- storage and transportation

Nondestructive testing Nondestructive testing is an important process to check the defects that may occur in the machining of materials and pipe fittings. Nondestructive testing requirements are specified in most pipe fitting product standards, but the requirements are not consistent. In addition to nondestructive testing to meet product standards and ordering requirements, some manufacturers with strict quality control also set nondestructive testing requirements according to materials, processing technology and internal quality control regulations to ensure the quality of outgoing products. The qualification level of nondestructive testing of pipe fittings in practice should be determined according to the order requirements or the clear provisions of the standard.

The production process of steel seamless reducing pipe [size head]

Raw material reinspection -- cutting -- pressing -- shaping -- heat treatment -- processing groove

- Inspection of finished products - surface treatment - marking - confirmation of data - packaging - storage and transportation

The outer protection of carbon steel and alloy steel pipe fittings is generally painted, and the passivation of stainless steel after pickling is selected (for all the outer cutting of stainless steel pipe fittings, you can not use passivation treatment). The primary intention of pipe fittings appearance protection is anticorrosion, together with the beautiful appearance of the product. In general, the ordering party puts forward specific requirements for external protection, and the manufacturer completes the external protection of pipe fittings according to the ordering party's requirements. Mark Mark is an indispensable part of the product, is the basis for the completion of traceability requirements. Generally, the content and method of marking are regulated in the product specification. The marking content of pipe fittings generally includes the manufacturer's trademark or title, data grade, standard and other contents required by the order. The method of marking includes permanent marking, such as steel mark, carving, electric corrosion, etc.; Non-permanent signs, such as printing, labels, etc. In addition to the above conventional production process, in order to control the quality of the original data, the factory should also complete the inspection of the original and auxiliary data to ensure the correctness of the data used; In order to satisfy the special requirements of the order or data, such as metallographic structure, intergranular corrosion, ferrite inspection and test should be carried out to ensure the quality of the products provided.

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